Beginning My Maryland Real Estate Book Journey

Beginning my real estate book journey
Beginning my real estate book journey

Early successes got me interested in real estate as a way to make money. I earned my Maryland real estate license after college and found that real estate was the easiest way for me to keep up with my student loans whiles building a nest egg. I’ve started this blog to share with you my success in the industry as well as my lessons. I’ll be writing about why I love buying and selling houses and hopefully will end up publishing my gather thoughts as a book. My current working title is “Double, Double” and you can read about the background in my About Me section.

Now, when I decide to buy a house or sell a house in Maryland, I defer back to my real estate training. I have to assess what the market value of the house is. That means looking at what the home in that particular area is worth per square foot.

To sell a house fast, I determine how low I want to go on the home. Really, when it comes down to it, sometimes a property is just something I need to sell for the particular stage of business I am in. I might have my eye on a new development that is going up, and need the cash for a deposit. I like to buy in newer areas because these buildings really hold their value over time. If I can get into the market before the builders have even started the development, I can really feel like I am getting a good deal. I just have to be sure that those builders are going to be able to finish the development. There is nothing worse than a project going south before the renovation has begun..

Sometimes I will go through a real estate agent to get the tips that I need. They often know of homes that will be great deals. I even might go through a real estate agent to hear about new developments that are going up. The real estate agent will know if the builders have a good track record. And this is exactly what I need if the development has not even gone up yet. And I also don’t want any hidden surprises. So I will make sure that my real estate agent gets their promises for me in writing. That way if the building does not contain the items that they promised, then I have some legal recourse to go back on. Maybe the contractors will give me a discount. It pays to be flexible but not naive. You can’t just go into the contractor’s office and take them buy their word. In this business, having a good real estate agent and a lawyer on retainer is a must.

If I want to sell a Maryland house for cash, only to re-invest that money in new developments, then I am free to do so. I like cash sales because I know that my money is going to go right back into my next real estate investment. And those investments have paid off for me 100% of the time.

This is just some of the great content you can expect in my blogs. I’d love to educate you regarding everything I’ve learned about this vibrant industry.