Hi! I'm Celina Fleming, your blog author and real estate lover.
Hi! I’m Celina Fleming, your blog author and real estate lover.

Hello, I’m Celina Fleming. I am married with two sons and live in the great state of Maryland. I started out my career in a boring nine-five job. I loathed everyday that my alarm went off at five thirty in the morning. I’d turn over and curse the alarm. It would be hell to try to motivate myself out of bed. At the time I was working in finance and banking, and no I was not wealthy with it either. The pressure for commission led to many late nights and early mornings, just to ensure I had food on the table for my husband and kids. Not to mention commuting to and from the office, for a job that never really excited me, but seemed like the right thing to do. It was stable and somewhat safe I guess you could say that is what kept me chained to my desk.

My luck changed, in an unusual way, the opportunity to break out of my nine to five happened when I inherited some money from a family member, who sadly passed away. With that and some small savings I discussed real estate with my husband, we decided to maybe give it a try. I bought my second piece of Maryland real estate apart from the family home I lived in. All be it a run down small apartment in Maryland, it would be of value to someone I decided I’d make sure of that. I fixed it up and sold it for double the price! From that day I realized there is a more for filling way to earn an income as well as do what I love. Which deep down has always been working with my hands, rather than stuck behind a desk in a tie.

I reinvested the money I made from the sale of that real estate, with careful planning I was able to move on with my second project, third project, and start to build a portfolio of real estate. Some real estate I rent some I do put up for re-sale. And so my journey began from an employee in banking and finance to a house flipper seeking out homes in need of some TLC, which I give and then find a suitable person for it. I’ve enjoyed every moment of this challenging career choice. I don’t regret the day I hung up my shirt and tie and said “that’s it.”

My goal is to use this blog to work out real estate content that I will eventually put together as a published book. It’s been my goal for quite a while to publish a book and am excited to see where this goes. I came up with the title “Double, Double” because I believe that in order to double your business you have to double your effort.